About Kit Williams   artist and author of Masquerade

Kit Williams has worked as a figurative painter for the last 45 years and along the way has published four books.

He uses traditional oil-painting techniques, fashioning first a wooden panel covered in linen and oil jesso.  He uses many layers of opaque and transparent Dutch oil paint to create the highly luminous images for which he has become known.

Kit likes to maintain complete control of every aspect of the pictures from beginning to end, physically making everything from the dresses that the models wear, to creating the sets and props, the photography, and often delighting in making ingenious mechanisms adding another dimension to the work.  He has always made his own frames and from the beginning they were seldom rectangular.  His marquetry techniques enable him to make pictures of any shape he wishes and allow elements of the picture to continue into the frame.

It is sometimes said by people, who delight in Man's ingenuity, that the Chinese use every part of the pig except for the squeal.  You might say this sums up Kit's approach to life and work!